Our blog is about comparing Garden Rooms vs Extensions & Conservatories. More families are now extending their existing houses. This is due to the increased cost in fees, stamp duty and just house prices in general. Not to mention that newer houses seem to be getting smaller each decade. The most traditional way to create extra space at home is to either build a single or two story extension, put up a conservatory or to convert a loft space.

However, the Garden Room is now a strong contender and an increasingly popular method to create the extra space needed… One of the main reasons the Garden Room is becoming an ever more popular way of extending the home and creating more space is versatility. It gives homeowners the ability to create an escape away from the house. It provides a light and airy space they can use all year round. So, whether you are looking for a Home Office, Creative Studio, an additional Living Space or even a Gym/Yoga Room you can do this from a private area.


If you are looking to extend the size of an existing room, i.e. a kitchen into a kitchen/family room then the Extension can be ideal. This gives homeowners the option to extend without the need of an additional room and they can blend in visually with the rest of the house.

Garden Rooms vs Extension

  • The pricing isn’t always simple and consistent with Extensions. Quotes can differ by thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands between different builders. This can leave homeowners unsure of the best market deals and what they are getting for their hard-earned money. With the Garden Room we have an upfront and honest policy to pricing. The four ranges we offer, and various options of size are all priced on the website.
  • Once you choose a builder, you may have to wait months for work to commence. Alternatively, the builder might start, but work simultaneously between your extension and other customers. This means that they aren’t on site everyday which will likely draw out the process. The Garden Room works on a 4-6 week lead time. So from order to completion with a second to none customer service experience from start to finish. And to top that off only 3-5 days of that are spent on site for the installation due to the prefabricated system.


  • With Extensions timescales are usually pretty loose. You can spend months upon months of the building work being undertaken in your home. This often leaves daily mess and dust, as foundations must be laid, bricks cut on site and concrete mixed to name a few. The price of the Garden Room includes delivery, a 1-day mess free foundation system & a professional installation. You also get Composite Cladding as standard ! This gives you years of hassle maintenance free beauty, and a 15yr Guarantee due to the fully galvanised steel frame. Inside it’s fully plastered & painted, comes with a choice of luxury flooring and has brushed chrome spot lights & sockets with an advanced electric radiator. Cut a long story short… everything you need is included in the price!
  • If the house is a new build an Extension may void the builder’s warranty, unlike a Garden Room.
  • In rarer occasions there can be damage caused to the existing house and foundations causing further cost to the homeowner, which isn’t the case with a Garden Room.
  • Often homeowners extend as they outgrow the size of their existing house. One main reason for this is a new/young family. Children may not be able to play in the garden for months while work is being completed as it would be too dangerous. With Garden Rooms, disruption is minimal, only leaving you without a small area of Garden for maximum of 5 days!


Conservatories have been a popular choice over previous years. They are relatively straight forward to build and don’t cost the earth. They are also a light and airy space to relax, spend time with family and friends or even enjoy dinner.

Garden Rooms vs Extensions & Conservatories

  • They act as an addition to your current home and are usually accessed via another room of the house. Which means they aren’t great as an office, gym or place to escape. A Garden Room offers a totally separate space from the home, which can be used to get away without even leaving the boundaries of the garden…
  • Conservatories are starting to look dated in white and can discolour and look dirty within a few years. The Garden Room can be a beautiful contemporary addition to the home/garden. Our Garden Rooms are available in a wide range of finishes that will stand timelessly for years.
  • Conservatories can be too cold in winter and too hot in summer, meaning it won’t get used all year round. The Garden Room is more like a traditional room of the house. It can be used all year round due to the build method of insulated walls and solid roof structure.
  • The life span of a conservatory depending on build quality can range from around 10-20 years, where the Garden Room has a 15yr Guarantee and an expected lifespan of well over 50 years.


Our Champion is…

It will always depend on the homeowner’s sole situation and preference to what is the best solution for them. However, for those looking for a hassle-free process & build, want to have the room to expand and a space to escape from the stresses & distractions of home then the Garden Room is the obvious champion.

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