Want to know more about how we manufacture garden rooms at Pronghorn Structures ?

Our design, production methods and materials have been chosen to manufacture Garden Rooms that are zero maintenance and that will stand the test of time at the best possible price.


Foundations & Base

Our foundation system of individual 600mm deep concrete pockets are not only more environmentally friendly than a solid concrete base but remain just as effective. We are able get the base 100% level from a ground surface undulation of up to 200mm due to this tried and established technique. Also due to this method this gives you less hassle and disruption prior to the Garden Room being fitted and is included in with the Garden Room price.

Our base is fabricated from a fully galvanised 80x80x3mm Box Section Steel frame and is fully adjustable giving you a perfectly level structure with a super strong base, with very little flex. The base sits clear of the ground giving good air circulation and alleviating any chance of rising damp. The underside of the base is entirely covered with a galvanised steel sheet to stop any vermin or vegetation and elongating the life span of the Garden Room. Within the base we only use the market leading Kingspan insulation, topped with 22mm chipboard flooring, fibreboard underlay which provides added thermal insulation and sound reduction of up to 19 decibels, and premium quality Engineered flooring for that ultimate luxury feel.



Like our base our walls are also fabricated from a fully galvanised box section frame, 50x50x3mm. This not only gives you a super strong structure that will last a life time, but also due to the way we prefabricate our frame we minimise the installation time on site saving you days if not weeks of tradesman and disruption to your everyday life.

From the outside, as standard we use Hyperion Composite Cladding meaning you don’t need to worry about rot, infestation or even fading, the highly versatile Hyperion® Cladding comes with 15 year limited residential warranty against splits, splinters, rot and fungal decay. From here we have a 32mm cavity wall gap for air flow and ventilation, a full wrap of Tyvek breathable membrane to let moisture out but not in, and 12mm plywood. On the inside of the frame we only use the market leading Kingspan Insulation with a soft white melamine finish on the inside to give a versatile, easily cleaned finish.



Our roof panels are also constructed of a 50x50x3mm fully galvanised box section frame to give that super strong structure that will last the test of time. On our Roof we use 12mm OSB Chipboard covered with a one-piece ClassicBond® EPDM rubber membrane, this is the original EPDM roofing system with a proven track record of over 50 years’ service life which is recognised as one of the most reliable, durable and sustainable materials. Inside the frame is the Kingspan Insulation with the same soft white melamine finish on the internal ceiling to give the same versatile, easily cleaned finish as the walls.

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