How to get the most out of working from home

We have seen a huge change in the way we work over the last couple of months and with limited time to transition our home into a working office here are a few tips to help you stay productive while working at home…

Make a dedicated workspace

Find a workspace that is free from distractions enabling you to focus on the task at hand. The time & money that you spend setting up your work area is an investment in your future productivity.


Find a quiet space

It is important to focus you don’t have the stresses and noise of a hectic house. Try to find a space that you are least likely to be interrupted and is the quietest part of the house.


Keep your family up to date about your timetable

A big change about working from home if you have a busy household is the interruption. Keep your family updated about your working hours and if you have a meeting or phone call scheduled, they will be less likely to interrupt.


Keep your routine

It may be easy to stop and do some household chores, put on the TV or just generally get distracted. Try to keep to your work schedule, however make sure you stop for lunch as you would in the office… this will likely impact your productivity later on in the day if you don’t!


Stay connected

Instead of just calling or emailing your work colleagues for business purposes, why not call or video them on your lunch break to keep your daily routine. Many people will be feeling isolated and a simple call could brighten their day and help keep them positive!


Look after you

When working from home, and only leaving the house for essentials it can start to feel monotonous. Try to keep on top of your mental and physical health. There are lots of free apps that can help, such as Headspace and MyFitnessPal.

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