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Other Uses??

There are many different options you can choose to use your Garden Room for, whether it be a garden bar area or a garden lounge, below are some ideas to help get those creative ideas flowing for that additional standalone space.

Bar Area

One of the most increasingly popular uses for Garden Rooms are the flexibility and glamour of your own garden bar area. They offer the advantage of opening the doors and having a bar area in your garden in those warm summer months to entertain family and friends while also being able to close it off in winter, keep warm and party on. 


Music or Photo Studio

Our Garden Rooms are open to natural sunlight from the 3 metre door set as standard and the options of large glazed windows, which makes them great for photographic studios. Gardens are also tranquil places and provide inspiration for artists alike. With a dedicated space, photographers can create a custom setup that suits their needs. This is very important in photography and helps provide a more professional perception to clients.


Children’s Learn & Playroom

Children can take up a lot of space and in the home, space for toys and accessories can become limited. There are several innovative storage solutions on the market however a dedicated play area is an appealing option for parents. Our Garden Rooms are designed to be child friendly and with the benefit of a wipeable melamine wall finish, and laminate flooring they are hygienic and easily cleaned. Giving you a dedicated space where your children can plan and learn in safety. Children also love to be outside which is why one of our Garden Rooms would be a great addition to anyone with children.


Garden Lounge

When you want to get away from the stresses of everyday life and relax, the ideal retreat is one of our Garden Rooms, ranging from 4sqm to 30sqm internal space, we no doughtily have a size that will suit your needs.


Garden rooms are undoubtedly a great solution for people looking to expand their homes and have many uses. Get in touch today, Visit our Showroom or see our Products & Prices page to see what we have to offer.